Arthur Bryant’s, Gates compete on ‘Food Wars’

A crew from The Travel Channel was in Kansas City this weekend filming footage for an upcoming episode of Food Wars. The episode is set to air some time in April.GARVEY SCOTT/The Kansas City Star
Read more: Arthur Bryant’s, Gates compete on ‘Food Wars’ – Photo Gallery –

Eds. Note: KC was where I learned to love BBQ.  And these are two of the best. Bryant’s ambiance can’t be beat, Gates has got the sauce.   You can find when this airs on the website.


One thought on “Arthur Bryant’s, Gates compete on ‘Food Wars’

  1. BRTANTS WAS REALLY GOOD bbq when the old man was still living but after his death daughter became owner and sold to corp sauce has never been the same I DONT THINK, But GATES has always been the same and to me I really miss it. Im not in KC any longer and I crave it. Had my grandson pay $9.00 to have a bottle shipped to me before I knew I could perchase on line. Im in Florida and they dont know what real BBQ is That one thing I really miss is KANSAS CITY BBQ cant be beat, mouth is watering just writing about it

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