Had a wonderful time at Silver Lake this past weekend. The festival and contest, now in its 10th years, draws a veritable who’s who of regional competitive BBQ and the KCBS contest is the highlight of the year for many KCBS judges, me included!

Silver Lake Sand Dunes holds its very popular Apple BBQ Cook-Off Festival in the business district of Mears, MI. highlights include the BBQ Cook-Off Competition, Apple Pie Contest, arts/crafts show and farm fresh apples of Oceana County. Also featured are the Classic Auto and Truck Show and Dune Buggy Show

This year, the ribs category was phenomenal, chicken and pork had some stars and a couple of good tries that didn’t quite catch fire. But it was in Brisket, that only the 4th perfect score in Michigan BBQ history was earned by “Smokin’ In The D” BBQ team. The overall brisket quality was some of the best on the circuit this year. Must be that Lake Michigan air! RESULTS

I always enjoy contests repped by Ron and Dena Milhous. They run a tight contest. Fair, but flexible.  I’ve never heard a bad thing about their work.

I collected pictures of the logos of just a few of the teams. We have some creative cookers out there. If you know the back story on any of these teams, add it to the comments. I really think it is important for the cooks and judges to learn more about the people behind the smokers and the badges.

Hernandez Style BBQ
What a great family BBQ team.
OMG bbq
OMG BBQ – Licensed to Cook
Bivouac BBq
Almost didn’t see these guys! Bivouac BBQ
Holy smokers mi bbq
May He remember all your meal offerings And find your burnt offering acceptable! Psalms 20:3. Holy Smokers MI BBQ
Smokin in the d bbq team
We had an unbelievable day at The Silver Lake Apple BBQ Festival. We scored a perfect 180 score in Brisket, only the 4th in Michigan BBQ History.We also captured Reserve Grand Champion.
Jamberie Smoke BBQ
Jambrie Smoke BBQ –
Mutts & Butts – husband and wife BBQ team. But their mutts, Cleo and Reese, really run the show.

Pork fat slim
Pork Fat Slim’s Backyard BBQ

Meat Rubbers
Meat Rubbers BBQ. Team

Firehouse snoke bbq team
Firehouse Smoke BBQ – team led by Jim Goodrich-Smith

Isweet racks and smoin bxutts
Sweet Racks & Smokin’ Butts BBQ team

Mac Attack BBQ, Fennville, MI = Grand Champions




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