Judge like the Pros at BBQCRITIC

One of my latest guilty pleasures is to practice my KCBS judging skills between contests with the help of the great folks at BBQCRITIC.

The concept is amazingly simple — look at real boxes and compare your scores with other judges.  It goes a long way to one of the KCBS goals which is to have consistent judging within contests and week after week.

Great content on this site includes:


Certified BBQ Judge Columnists

Cooks sit down with BBQ judges to discuss their turn in scores at this unique BBQ contest. Includes several video interviews and a photo gallery of the event.



Dreamland BBQ – Birmingham, Alabama

I have to admit that my introduction to Dreamland BBQ came at the end of a 10 day Gulf Shores drinking and golf vacation. Despite my dulled senses, the atmosphere and a zippy sauce made that a Sunday night to remember.
First opened in May, 1993, near downtown and the UAB campus, Dreamland feels like an ‘ol Que joint that has been around for fifty years! You enter through the bar area and walk past crackling wood pits and the 10 or so racks of ribs smoking away and soon you are in a BBQ mood.

The walls and pit are made of red brick. It is only fitting since founder John “Big Daddy” Bishop was a mason before opening his first restaurant in 1958.

Dreamland legend is that Big Daddy wasn’t too fond of masonry work, which is some hard work. One night he got on his knees and prayed for another way to make a living. That night, he dreamed of opening a café and he made that dream a reality.

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