Cooking Everything Outdoors By Gary House, the “Outdoor Cook”

 If you want to learn how to cook outdoors, regardless of the style, Gary House is the “go-to” guy.  I’d all but relegated my dutch oven to camping duty, but then I watched a couple of Gary’s video. Now, he’s put  his collection up on iTunes:  

The how-to show of backyard BBQ and outdoor cooking. If it can be cooked indoors, I can show you how to cook it outdoors! Do you want to learn how to use Dutch ovens, BBQs, Fire Pits, Foil cooking and Camp cooking? Then this is the show for you! Great product reviews and new ideas. Grill it, bake it, smoke it, fry it, we can do it. Watch Gary House, the “Outdoor Cook” host of create simple, easy and enjoyable meals cooked completely outdoors! “Get out of the Kitchen, Light the Fire and Start Cooking Outdoors!

Pizza Recipe Brick Oven Style


Pizza aficionados will travel far and wide for that unique flavor and crispy crust only high dry heat and bricks can produce. Watch us make an authentic Old Time Brick Oven Pizza, just like the famous coal fired Pizza Houses in New York and New Haven, with just a few bricks and your charcoal grill. Barbecued Pizza is one of our favorite foods to do on the grill. Try it once, and you’ll be back for more. -BBQ Pit Boys

Pizza Dough
Corn Meal
All or any of the following:
Sausage Links
Ground Beef
Bell Peppers
Mozzarella Cheese
Olive Oil
Tomato Sauce

Pre-heat grill to high heat 400f + with bricks placed on the grill grate as shown. Prepare the pizza dough. Add oil to top of dough and then sauce, your favorite meats, vegetables, and cheese. Sprinkle corn meal on cutting board, and slide pizza on to the hot bricks. Cover the grill and then cook until the crust is the way you like your pizza.